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ICT Management

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About us

We are an ICT Management Consulting Company

KDN was established in 1998 and has a successful track record of delivering ICT Consultancy Services to the 3 spheres of Government (Federal, State and Local) and Private Enterprise. Individual personnel have more than 30 years’ experience in ICT. KDN leverages from our significant experience, expertise, tools, and methodologies. This enables greater opportunities to form strategic alliances so we can bring a wider scope of services to our clients.

Download our Capability Statement [1.6MB]


We partner with your business to ensure ICT is an enabler, not a barrier to achieving your business outcomes.

  • Strategic planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • Project management
  • Business case development
  • Business analysis
  • Solution development and provision
  • Procurement, tenders and contract negotiation
  • Enterprise architecture solutions
  • ICT service delivery processes and improvement
  • Audits, assessments and project reviews
  • Business Continuity planning
  • ITIL maturity assessments and framework implementation
  • Risk management and governance
  • Organisational development

Low-cost, functional business solutions:

  • Open Source software development and implementation
  • Geospatial – GIS and Mapping applications
  • Application integration - Database, Web, Geospatial, Mapping


Here is a brief overview of some of our key people:

KDN staff have a wealth of in-depth, real-world experience when it comes to delivering successful business outcomes. We'll provide the best team with a blend of skills to deliver your projects.

David Kavanagh

David has over 30 years experience in Engineering, ICT and Consulting in Australia. He was a Senior Consultant with DMR (now Fujitsu) for 5 years and, since 1998, has been leading a successful, independent ICT Consulting Services business. His role has included business planning and the development of process documentation, project management frameworks and templates for use throughout delivery assignments.

David's breadth of consulting experience – having a strong technical background and sound business knowledge - enables him to deliver successful outcomes for a wide range of organisations. His focus is on ensuring that business benefits are achieved through innovative ICT solutions.

John Dunnery

John has over 25 years experience in Information Technology and Consulting in Australia. His focus has been in the area of Project Management of hardware and software implementations, including the development of Business Cases, large procurement projects and ICT policies and procedures. (These roles have included the business analysis and understanding to ensure that the solutions meet the business requirements of the relevant organisations).

John has worked on small, medium and large ICT projects both within government and the private sector.

Domenic Novia

Domenic is a BSc in Computer Studies and has over 25 years experience in Information Technology and Consulting in Australia.

Domenic’s expertise includes project management, business case development, strategic planning, business continuity planning, marketing, and technical and product development. His experience has covered most technological and business areas relating to information technology, including voice and data networks (LAN and WAN).

He has extensive experience in resource management, team building and team leadership; as well as a particular interest in the areas of business resource planning, development, project management and training.

Tony Taormina

Tony has over 20 years experience in Strategic Consulting and Quality Management in Australia. During this time he has been involved in the management and development of multi-disciplinary teams responsible for a range of organisational change and improvement initiatives.

Tony’s combined skills over these various disciplines provide him with the ability to be able to work with all areas of an organisation to facilitate and bring about appropriate change and reform. His business, systems and ICT knowledge allows him to understand requirements, manage activities, logistics and deliverables, and ensure that all stakeholders participate in the processes to achieve common and agreed goals and outcomes.

Tony also has expertise in the development of risk management and governance plans and programmes aligned to National Audit Office Guidelines, AS8000 Corporate Governance and AS4360 Risk Management Standards.